Research Overview

Advancing Research

CARRA’s research goals remain as accurate today as they did in 2000 when the organization formed: to conduct high-quality, collaborative research to prevent, treat and cure pediatric rheumatic diseases.

CARRA’s culture of collaboration focuses on facilitating, accelerating, funding, and performing research driven by academicians, clinicians, and patients and families to fulfill its mission. CARRA does this through a multi-pronged approach:

Direct Funding to Investigators through its Intramural Grants Program, funded in large part through the partnership of the Arthritis Foundation. CARRA’s program offers various funding opportunities to support investigators at all career levels and advances research that furthers the CARRA mission.

The CARRA Registry and Biorepository are the cornerstone of CARRA’s research and were established to make it possible for all affected children in North America to have the opportunity to participate in meaningful and high-quality clinical and translational research.

Stakeholder engagement is key to success. Partnering with patients and their families, as well as other key stakeholder communities in the public and private sectors, ensure research will address the most important questions to those most impacted.

Download CARRA’s research agenda here.

Opportunities to Get Involved in Research