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The CARRA Business Office is located in Washington, DC

1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036

We can be reached from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ET, Monday through Friday.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 202 772-1028

Fax: 202-772-3101

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CARRA Staff Information


Mathieu Nelessen

[email protected]

Contact Mathieu for questions related to: Inquiries concerning CARRA that are not covered in the descriptions below.

Senior Director of Research Operations

Leslie Hanrahan

[email protected]

Contact Leslie for questions related to: CARRA Registry pharmaceutical/biotechnology partnerships, extramural research opportunities, and general CARRA research operations.

Director of Communications & Engagement

Kelly Mieszkalski, MA

[email protected]

Contact Kelly for questions related to: Communications, membership, elections, CARRA member programs, and the CARRA Annual Scientific Meeting.

Director of Partnerships & Patient Engagement

Vincent Del Gaizo

[email protected]

Contact Vincent for questions related to: Patient/caregiver engagement opportunities and the CARRA-Arthritis Foundation partnership. Families are also encouraged to contact Vincent for disease-specific research questions.

Director of Finance and Administration

Stephen Witte

[email protected]

Contact Steve for questions related to: Payment processing and all financial procedures.

Director of Development

Steve Spinner

[email protected]

Associate Director of Research Operations

Karin Tse, MPH

[email protected]

Contact Karin for questions related to: CARRA Registry and Biobank operations.

Grants Manager

Marcia Smith, MD, MBA

[email protected]

Contact Marcia for questions related to: Funding opportunities, grant applications and the grant review process.


Administrative Assistant

Ashley Hall

[email protected]

Contact Ashley for questions related to: The processing of contracts and service agreements.

Database Administrator

Andy Rosado

[email protected]

Research Manager

Alyssia Parsons, MS

[email protected]

Contact Alyssia for questions related to: Accessing CARRA Registry data/samples & consensus treatment plans (CTPs)

Executive Assistant

Bailey Parker

[email protected]