Career Development Opportunities


One of the many benefits of being a CARRA member is that there are multiple opportunities to get involved in ways that can help further your career, regardless of what stage you are at. Depending on your CARRA membership type, you may be able to:

Run for elected leadership or to serve on a CARRA committee

CARRA has numerous opportunities each year to serve on various committees and/or run for elected leadership, including:

  • CTP Advisory Committee
  • DEI Advisory Committee
  • Elections Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Finance Chair
  • Internally Funded Research Oversight Committee (IROC)
  • Membership Committee
  • Publications Committee Chair
  • Scientific Review Committee (SRC)
  • Steering Committee

Openings for each committee will be posted on the CARRA Wiki for terms starting July 1, 2023. Check back for more details.

Start and lead a new CARRA research workgroup

More information coming soon!

Apply for a CARRA-Arthritis Foundation Career Development Award

Click here for more information.

Participate in the Early Investigator (EI) Research Development Program (RDP)*

Click here for more information.

Apply for a CARRA Registry Position

CARRA Registry Associate

  • The Associate position is designed to immerse an individual in the operational, scientific and leadership aspects of the CARRA Registry. This is a unique opportunity to interact intensively with the CARRA Registry leadership team, other Associates and early investigators, and to learn skills and gain knowledge that will enrich pediatric rheumatology research and practice.
  • Currently Accepting Applications Through January 20, 2023

CARRA Registry Informatics Associate

  • The Informatics Associate position fosters the professional development and leadership of Clinical Informatics investigators within CARRA and the CARRA Registry while advancing real world, registry informatics projects that will benefit CARRA Registry Not currently accepting applications

CARRA Fellow Opportunities

There are numerous ways for Fellows to get more involved in CARRA. Members can click here for more information about opportunities for Fellows.

For questions about CARRA career development opportunities, please contact Kelly Mieszkalski at [email protected]