October 2023 President’s Report

October 16, 2023

Dear CARRA Members, Friends & Colleagues,

Bob Colbert, MD, PhD
CARRA Presiden

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) held it’s first full meeting in early September to discuss the organizational approach to developing and updating Consensus Treatment Plans (CTPs). CTPs standardize heterogeneous approaches to treatment and are a key element of Comparative Effectiveness Research that addresses important questions about how to effectively use currently available therapeutics. CTPs have been an integral component of CARRA work for over a decade and are a priority for the strategic plan and research agenda. The meeting focused on the current state of CTPs, unmet needs, plans for prioritization, identifying funding opportunities, roles and responsibilities of team members, and engagement strategies. The SAC endorsed a unified approach led by a single CTP Committee to move this important work forward. By all accounts, the first SAC meeting engendered a brisk and thoughtful discussion and provided fresh ideas about next steps. I would call it a success!

Our first Research & Leadership Development Forum (RLDF) meeting is coming up on October 30th. This group was formed to develop the tools needed by CARRA committee chairs and vice chairs to strategically lead the research efforts of their committees and workgroups. This first meeting is open to all CARRA members and will provide attendees with an overview of ‘How CARRA Works’, with a summary of some of the changes we’ve been through in the past 20 months and an eye toward the future. A big thanks to Dan Horton and his co-leaders, Kaveh Ardalan, Jessica Bloom, Peter Chira, and Joanne Drew for spearheading this effort.

I am looking forward to CARRA’s Town Hall scheduled for Friday October 20th. This will be the second town hall and will provide an opportunity for you to ask questions to CARRA leadership and provide your input! In addition to the Town Hall, I hope everyone has the opportunity to attend ACR Convergence in San Diego. CARRA will hold a business meeting and reception on Saturday November 11th at the Hard Rock Hotel during the ACR.

– Bob Colbert