CARRA Registry Associate Position

CARRA Registry Associate Position

Currently Accepting Applications

DEADLINE: Applications due January 20, 2023

The CARRA Registry is a multi-center observational registry that supports data collection on patients with pediatric-onset rheumatic diseases. It is utilized to answer pressing questions regarding pediatric rheumatic diseases, including drug safety. The Registry Associate position is designed to immerse the applicant in the operational, scientific and leadership aspects of the CARRA Registry. This is a unique opportunity to interact intensively with the CARRA Registry leadership team, other Associates and early investigators, and to learn skills and gain knowledge that will enrich pediatric rheumatology research and practice. This opportunity is supported through funds received via our partnership with the Arthritis Foundation.

Requirements and Responsibilities

The CARRA Registry Associate will:

  • Work directly with the Director of the CARRA Registry Associate program (Marinka Twilt) and the Registry’s scientific leadership (PIs and Scientific Directors)
  • Primarily engage in service projects aimed at improving Registry operations and data quality and completeness. Projects will be assigned by the Associate Program Director. Examples include:
    • Reviewing data completeness and quality checks of Registry critical variables and proposing recommendations to address concerns
    • Leading educational sessions for Registry staff (e.g. Registry Power Hour webinars) on priority topics of interest or concern, such as safety event reporting
    • Supporting development, testing and implementation of the new REDCap Cloud platform in collaboration with the DCRI project team
    • Participation in the planning committee for the annual Registry Retreat
  • Develop a specific research project to undertake during their time as a Registry Associate which aligns with the main objectives of the CARRA Registry and CARRA’s Strategic Plan. Examples include:
    • Managing and monitoring performance and outcomes of the CARRA MOC Part 4 initiative to increase completion of critical variables
    • Developing and conducting analyses of safety and efficacy of medications collected by the Registry
  • Work with the CARRA Registry team to learn about site management, Registry study finances, and other operational issues
  • Actively participate in semi-annual Registry Operations team calls (), Registry Associate conference calls (twice per month), and occasional colloquia or program workshops
  • Attend the CARRA Annual Meeting, the annual CARRA Registry Retreat, and the annual Registry Operations Team Retreat, as well as any additional meetings regarding the CARRA Registry
  • Be responsible for delivering presentations in support of the CARRA Registry as directed by the Registry team and based on the Associate’s own interests
  • Develop goals and timeline for Year One of this position, and provide a final Year One plan by Aug. 1, 2023
  • Provide written quarterly progress reports
  • Be required to acknowledge their position in any publications that result from work related to the Registry done during their tenure


Applicants must be current CARRA members, have completed a pediatric rheumatology fellowship and be employed as a pediatric rheumatologist in the United States or Canada. Junior and mid-career investigators are encouraged to apply.


The CARRA Registry and Research Oversight Committee (RROC) will review all applications and interview the top candidates. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of the selection process.


This is a one-year position that follows the academic cycle, with a start date of July 1, 2023. The position may be eligible for a one-year renewal, depending on the availability of funds and/or productivity.

Associates who wish to renew for a second term need to submit a renewal request accompanied by a progress report.


The Registry Associate will receive up to 20% salary support for their time (3 calendar months, $200,000 maximum salary) plus associated fringe and 8% indirects for one year. Percent effort for a second year will be determined during the renewal process.Decisions will be communicated by March 1, 2023.

Application Process

Applications must consist of the following materials, submitted as one PDF document:

  • NIH Biosketch (maximum limit of 5 pages)
  • Research Statement: One page (single-spaced, 11-point Arial font, 1-inch margins) statement describing what you hope to contribute and to gain from this experience, as well as how it would fit into your long-term career goals.
  • Registry Project Ideas: One page max (single-spaced, 11-point Arial font, 1-inch margins) document describing specific ideas for projects that you might undertake as a Registry Associate. Project ideas will be refined over the course of the interview process and term as a Registry Associate.
  • Institutional Letter of Support: Letter signed by division chief or chair stating that there will be up to 20% protected effort for these activities.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Signed letter of recommendation from a CARRA member other than the division chief supporting your candidacy.
  • References: Provide the names and contact information for two references to call. At least one reference must be a CARRA member outside their institution who has worked with the candidate on CARRA activities.


  • Application process and position terms: Karin Tse, Sr. Manager, Registry Operations
  • Program questions and potential Registry projects: Marinka Twilt, Director of the CARRA Registry Associate Program