Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance


Collaborative research to prevent, treat, and cure pediatric rheumatic diseases.


A world free of limitations from pediatric rheumatic diseases.

Our Work

CARRA conducts and supports innovative and collaborative clinical and translational research that generates new knowledge and improves the lives of children and families affected by pediatric rheumatic disease.

Maintaining Research Excellence

CARRA continuously develops and maintains a scientific agenda that reflects existing expertise, building on knowledge, innovation, and resources both within and outside of medicine, to accelerate discovery. We encourage multi-disciplinary team science to promote collaboration across stakeholders, nurture broad engagement, and provide academic advancement opportunities.

We optimize engagement of patients and families, including individuals representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives, as research partners. At the same time, CARRA engages research committees and workgroups to advance our scientific priorities and foster pediatric rheumatology researchers.

Engagement & Collaborations

CARRA proactively engages with its members, research partners and other key stakeholders.

The organization maintains – while seeking to grow – a multi-faceted portfolio of opportunities to engage CARRA’s diverse community and membership, as well as developing a leadership pipeline.

CARRA seeks to match member engagement with their research interests and capabilities.

We will continue to collaborate with the Arthritis Foundation and other key partners including science-based industry; other non-profit organizations and foundations and stakeholders in a mutually beneficial fashion.

Impact for Progress

Becoming a member, partnering or collaborating with CARRA optimizes progress in pediatric rheumatic diseases research.

On a platform of organizational diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in our research, processes, and people work with clear metrics and mechanisms to equitably and successfully capture data from people everywhere.

Members, patients/caregivers, staff, and partners are informed, meaningfully engaged, and experience incomparable value from their participation with CARRA, as well as strengthens CARRA’s capacity to realize its mission.

Our Members

A strong and growing CARRA membership amplifies our ability to conduct collaborative research to prevent, treat, and cure pediatric rheumatic diseases, enhancing the prospects for a world free of limitations from pediatric rheumatic diseases.

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