GROW (Generating Rheumatologists through Outreach and Workforce Expansion): A Multistep Project Towards Evaluating and Addressing the Pediatric Rheumatology Workforce Shortage

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Fellow Grant

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Pediatric rheumatology is a field dedicated to treating children with diseases where the body’s immune system attacks itself. Examples include diseases such as lupus or juvenile idiopathic arthritis. There have been significant advances in treating children with rheumatic diseases and, as a result, fewer children are developing the sequelae from these diseases, like joint destruction or organ damage. Despite these advances and improving outcomes, there is a current shortage of pediatric rheumatologists that is projected to worsen. This project will study facilitators and barriers that influence a person’s decision to pursue pediatric rheumatology. We intend for these results to inform our next steps, which include development of a mentorship and sponsorship program. This research will help pediatric rheumatologists better understand how to get more individuals to join the field, conduct research, and provide treatment for patients with rheumatic disease.


Katherine Schultz, MD, MEd

The University of Iowa

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