Examining Structural Brain MRI Metrics in Children with Craniofacial Linear Scleroderma

Project Period:

Grant Category:
Small Grant

Disease Area:
Scleroderma, SVARD

Craniofacial localized scleroderma (Cf-LS) is a rare disease that affects the face and scalp tissues. It is commonly diagnosed around age 6 years on average, during brain maturation. Nearly half of children with Cf-LS have abnormalities on brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), often linked to symptoms like headache or seizures. Yet, some children may still experience brain changes even without symptoms or obvious abnormalities on clinical MRI. Advanced techniques in brain imaging may help detect subtle changes. This study will use these techniques to look at brain structure in children with Cf-LS and to see if their brains differ from healthy peers of similar age and sex. We will test if brain structure relates to disease status and outcomes important to patients such as quality of life. We hope that this study will help us to better understand how Cf-LS affects the developing brain.


Andrea Knight, MD, MSCE

The Hospital for Sick Children

Diana Cabrera Vald├ęs, PhD

The Hospital for Sick Children