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Through research, an explosion of many new medications have now been approved to treat JIA.  These medications have greatly improved the long-term prognosis for children with JIA.  Only 20 years ago, many children attending the Arthritis Foundation’s annual JA Conference needed a wheelchair.  Today, very few are needed.  These new and effective treatments have brought up new research questions that need to be answered:

  • Which medication is the best one for me?
  • When is the best time to start different types of medicines? 
  • When can I stop taking medicines safely?
  • How do JIA and its treatments impact children’s daily lives and how they feel?

Through research, CARRA seeks to learn the answers to these and many other questions.  Doctors and families need these answers to be able to decide which is the best medicine for a disease. Here's some of our recent research.

Study Spotlight: Patterns of etanercept (Enbrel) use in patients with JIA

This study looked at 2,032 patients with JIA enrolled in the CARRA Registry, which allowed researchers to learn more about how, when, and why doctors use Enbrel to treat JIA patients. Read how Enbrel is used to help patients and families at This study was supported by Amgen Pharmaceuticals.

Voice of the Patient Report

CARRA partnered with the Arthritis Foundation to host an externally-led patient focused drug development meeting.  This meeting provided JIA patients and parents the opportunity to share their experience living with JIA with the FDA and pharmaceutical industry.  Read all about it here.



In addition to being able to the right treatment for each patient, CARRA researchers seek to discover new and better treatments, and eventually a cure. 

Below you will find CARRA’s JIA research projects.  Click on a tile to learn more about the project.  Projects will be loaded as pages are created.

The Arthritis Foundation has also created this tool which will help you find research projects being done all over the world.