Request for Applications - Utrecht Travel Award - Applications Due August 18, 2021

Utrecht Travel Award 

Project Period Length: October 4-8, 2021
Funding Amount: Course registration fee (€250)
Grant Availability: Up to 4

The successful Summer School for Translational Medicine held in Utrecht every year will be virtual in 2021, because of the uncertainty of international travel this summer. So, the renamed Eureka Utrecht Virtual School will explore the intrinsic difficulties of effective translational medicine. It is designed for early-stage researchers interested in this field.

COVID-19 has given the world one of its most significant challenges. Translational scientists play a crucial role in tackling these challenges, from developing and implementing diagnostic tests to treatments and vaccines and health policy.

This course will show you that addressing health care challenges (such as COVID-19), requires much more than deep scientific knowledge. Being an agent of change also requires an under- standing of scientific and health systems and a complement of skills, including collaboration, critical thinking, reflection, creative problem solving and communication.

The course aims to inspire, train and challenge you to become part of a new generation of translational scientists needed to identify and tackle the most urgent problems in medicine. You will join an international group of students across multiple continents in an online journey that will navigate through real-life examples of COVID related problems. However, it is not a course about COVID-19; it a course about you. It challenges your perspectives and ambitions, your talents and your role in the system. How do you want your research to contribute to health care and public health? Learn More

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