Register Today for CARRA's Implementation Science Retreat


Register today for CARRA's Implementation Science Retreat! 

Attendees will: 

  • Learn about strategies and steps on how to write implementation science grant 
  • Explore strategies for conducting IS in rare diseases 
  • Review CTP survey results 
  • Review frameworks/ models and strategies for selecting the right one 
  • Use readiness assessment tools to assess CTP "readiness"
This virtual meeting will be held on Friday, May 7th from 2-5pm ET. ​​ 


  • 2:00-2:15: Introduction
  • 2:15-3:15: Guest Speaker - Dr. Rohit Ramaswamy - UNC 
  • 3:15-3:45: Reflections on writing an implementation sciences design grant
  • 3:45-4:00: CTP survey results 
  • 4:00-4:05: Biobreak*
  • 4:05-4:45: Applying models for promoting uptake of proposed implementation projects-brainstorming session 
  • 4:45-4:55: Education opportunities in Implementation Sciences
  • 4:55-5:00: Closing remarks