COMING SOON! RFA's for Fall 2021 Grant Cycle - Due October 1

(Application Requirements to follow)

NEW! Health Equity Research Grant

Project Period Length: 2 years
Funding Amount: $150,000
LOI Required (Due September 1)

CARRA was founded on principles of inclusivity and collaboration and we continue to promote our mission and vision with these thoughts as our core values. This CARRA-Arthritis Foundation grant mechanism was established to support research which addresses topics along the health equity research spectrum, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Methods to improve identification and measurement of root causes of health inequities in pediatric rheumatology;
  • Strategies to increase representation of minoritized groups in pediatric rheumatology research;
  • Translational research that identifies how social determinants of health are embodied to affect disease onset, severity, and outcomes; and/or Interventions to reduce or eliminate health disparities and/or address health inequities in pediatric rheumatology.

NEW! Advancing Biosample Collection in the
CARRA Network

Project Period Length: 2 years
Funding Amount: Up to $50,000

This funding opportunity supports biosample collection within the CARRA network to advance CARRA translational research. The goal is to collect biosamples from patients enrolled in the CARRA Registry, to be used by CARRA investigators for future hypothesis-based research.

  • This mechanism funds the collection of biosamples at CARRA Registry sites utilizing the CARRA Registry biosample consent form.
  • Funds will be used to pay for biosample collection tubes/kits and shipping, CARRA Biobank fees, CARRA Registry site payments for biosample collections, and the CARRA administrative support needed to manage internal budgets and make payments.

Small Grant

Period Length: 1 or 2 years
Funding Amount: Up to $50,000

This opportunity is available to support projects in development. The research project can be a pilot, continuation of ongoing research, or other projects that move forward clinical or translational research that furthers the CARRA mission.

Large Grant

Project Period Length: 2 years
Funding Amount: Up to $100,000
LOI Required (Due September 1)

This funding opportunity supports the development and publication of a clinical or translational project which will immediately impact research projects within CARRA or result in a larger collaborative grant that furthers the CARRA mission. A successful application may be for an all-inclusive clinical or translational research project or a pilot research project that could lead to extramural funding.

CARRA-PReS Collaborative Research Award

Project Period Length: 1 year
Funding Amount: €25,000 EUR or $29,475

The purpose of this funding announcement is to support collaborative research activities between CARRA and PReS early career investigators. Funds may be used to convene meetings, generate preliminary data and/or to support collaborative pilot studies. The goal is to provide seed funds that allow CARRA and PreS investigators to successfully plan and apply for funds to support larger scale collaborative research activities.

Please send questions to our Grants Manager, Cassidy at [email protected]