CARRA Launches Initiative to Advance Biosample Collection in CARRA


​Initiative to Advance Biosample Collection in CARRA


The Problem: The TRTC is working to support investigators who would like to use the CARRA network for translational research projects. Successful grant applications often require investigators to demonstrate that the needed biosamples are readily available for the proposed research. A lack of adequate assurance regarding biosamples can lead to unsuccessful (or significantly delayed) grant proposals and this stymies translational research efforts. Another challenge faced by investigators is that CARRA biosamples are relatively expensive because they are collected in a rigorous manner to ensure sample integrity and they must be shipped to the central CARRA Biobank. It can be difficult to budget for this type of expense in research grants.

The Solution: The TRTC is working on two mechanisms to promote CARRA biosample collection to address these challenges.

​(Available Now!) CARRA Executive Committee Biosample Collection Stimulus Fund: A limited amount of funding (up to $25,000 per project) is available via a CARRA Executive Committee (EC) Biosample Collection Stimulus Fund to support new biosample collections, with priority given to projects of CARRA members that 1) have been peer reviewed and funded (e.g., NIH, RRF) and 2) involve standard CARRA biosample collection kits.  This fund will support biosample collection within the CARRA Registry and/or CARRA network.Requests will be reviewed by the TRTC and RROC to determine the feasibility of the biosample collection. The request for future use of samples will be reviewed by CARRA’s Data and Sample Share Committee (DSSC). Final decisions for funding will be made by the Executive Committee. Interested investigators should fill out the CARRA Executive Committee Biosample Collection Stimulus Fund Request Form and submit online here. CARRA will route your request to the DSSC for review, you do not need to submit a separate application to the DSSC. Awarded applications will be posted on the CARRA wiki.

  • Eligibility: Applicant/PI must be a current CARRA member in good standing which includes being current on CARRA membership (and dues, if applicable).
  • Application Due Date: Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until all funds have been utilized. Please allow up to four weeks for review of and decision on your application.
(Coming Fall 2021) Advancing Biosample Collection Grants:  An RFA under development is intended to support biosample cohorts via the CARRA Registry. Under this mechanism CARRA members will be able to apply for Advancing Biosample Collection (ABC) grants that will be used to support biosample collection for specific translational research projects. This new opportunity will be announced soon.



Contact the TRTC Chair (Lauren Henderson, [email protected]) and TRTC Vice Chair (Grant Schulert [email protected]) with any questions. 



Funding for both mechanisms is provided by the Arthritis Foundation.