CARRA Board of Directors: Call for Nominations

Nominations due: March 24

The CARRA Board of Directors is expanding its membership and we currently have several vacant positions. We would appreciate your ideas for potential new members for the Board of Directors. Click here to view an information sheet that provides some general information about CARRA and the responsibilities of our Board. 

The process will begin with collection of nominations. Nominated persons will be contacted regarding their interest in serving and more detailed information about CARRA and will be shared. Interested applicants will be asked to fill out an application form, submit a CV/NIH biosketch or resume, and a completed COI form if they wish to be considered. After the review of the applications is complete, applicants will be interviewed and references will be checked. From this list, a slate of potential new Board members will be developed by the Board of Directors Development and Governance Committee for consideration by the full Board. The Board then elects the new members.

In selecting new members for the Board of Directors, we strive to ensure diversity by considering persons with a wide range of qualities and expertise, especially in areas crucial to the continued success and sustainability of CARRA. 

You can nominate yourself or someone else by completing the online nomination form.

Thank you for input in this crucial process!