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Coordinator Spotlight: Kyle Phillips, Children's Hospital Colorado

When Kyle Phillips joined the Children's Hospital Colorado site in December 2016 as the CARRA Registry Coordinator, he was both new to CARRA and new to research. The site had been activated for 3 months and had enrolled only one patient. Wow things have changed in just a few short months! With Kyle on board to help enroll about 2 patients each week into the CARRA Registry, Colorado has shot from 52nd to 8th in terms of weekly enrollment rate, and has expanded study participation to include all sub studies and bio sample collection.  Children’s Hospital Colorado now has 89 patients enrolled in the Registry, 9 patients enrolled in STOP-JIA, 2 patients enrolled in FROST, and 5 bio samples collected. Kyle works on 5 other studies and spends about 50% of his time on the CARRA Registry. What makes Kyle so successful, you might ask?

According to site PI, Katie Moore, “Kyle is an absolutely amazing team player. He consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty, and always with enthusiasm! He establishes fantastic rapport with patients and families, and personally accompanies them to the lab to ensure nothing goes wrong with bio sample collection. There was a weekend when we had a new systemic JIA patient who would have been discharged prior to Monday, and Kyle came in over the weekend to assist me with enrollment in FROST. We are lucky to have him on our rheumatology team here in Denver!”

Kyle works on CARRA alongside Dr. Katie Moore (CARRA Registry site PI), Dr. Rob Fuhlbrigge (rheumatology section head), Dr. Jenny Soep (clinic director), Dr. Clara Lin, Michelle Sutter NP, Dr. Jamie Lai, and Dr. Brian Shirley. They are supported by a fantastic team of 4 nurses (Carrie Brumbaugh, Kasie Novissimo, Julie Cadwell and Taylor Spalding) and 2 medical assistants (Marivel Sanchez and Metra Keys), all of whom are always on the lookout for potential enrollees. The rheumatology team strives on a regular basis to discuss and implement strategies for creating a seamless integration of research into their clinic flow and inpatient service, so that enrolling patients becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Thank you Kyle and the entire Colorado CARRA Registry team for your dedication to the CARRA Registry. We look forward to working with you for many years to come!


Halloween had a “Rheumaholiday” theme this year.
Each team member dressed up as a different holiday!


Photo includes Michelle Sutter, NP (sitting), then from left to right, Taylor Lin (resident), Carrie Brumbaugh, RN, Kyle Phillips, Marivel Sanchez, MA.