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Publications Policy Reminders

If you are submitting/presenting an abstract, manuscript, poster, or presentation based on CARRA data, please remember to submit to the Publications Committee for review prior to your submission or presentation. Any manuscript, publication, proceeding, abstract, or presentation resulting from a project supported or advanced by contributions from CARRA infrastructure or the CARRA membership also needs review by the Publications Committee.

All submissions to the CARRA Publications Committee should be submitted to the Committee Chair ([email protected]), who will distribute the request as needed.
Review timelines are as follows, listing type of publication and the time needed for review by the publications committee:

  • Abstracts – 7 Days
  • Papers/Manuscripts – 3 Weeks
  • Posters – 7 Days
  • Slides – 7 Days
  • Meetings/Proceedings – 7 Days
  • Press Releases – 7 Days

Presenting a Poster with CARRA Registry Data?
Please make sure to use the appropriate CARRA Registry Poster template. The current templates and full Publications Policy can be found here.