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New JIA Study

By: CARRA | August 4, 2016 | CARRA Announcements

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Study To Identify Factors Most Important To Patients With JIA, And Their Parents/Guardians In Deciding When To Stop Medications

We are conducting a study to identify the factors most important to patients with JIA (ages 13 and older, any category) and their parents/guardians in deciding when to stop medications. The ultimate goal is to integrate these factors into clinical decision-making and future research investigating the management of inactive JIA. This study is sponsored by CARRA, with additional support from PARTNERS.

For this study, we are conducting interviews by telephone. To be eligible for an interview, people must first complete an online survey, which has additional details about the study. Participants who are interviewed will receive a $30 gift card for their time.

Please help us recruit patients with JIA and their families (with flyers, nothing more…)! To facilitate recruitment, please consider posting our study flyer in your clinic or giving copies to interested patients/families. Flyers are available in English and Spanish. This study has been approved by the IRB at Rutgers. Most sites should not need separate IRB approval just to hang the poster, but feel free to check that your IRB is fine with displaying/distributing.

Contact Dan Horton at [email protected] with any questions and thank you in advance for your help!

Daniel Horton
Sarah Ringold
Tim Beukelman
Alexis Boneparth
Ky Haverkamp
Melanie Kohlheim
Melissa Mannion
Nandini Moorthy
Marsha Rosenthal
Jomaira Salas