Translational Research and Technology Committee (TRTC)

Lauren Henderson
Lauren Henderson, MD, MSSc
Boston Children's Hospital
Vice Chair
Grant Schulert
Grant Schulert, MD, PhD
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Committee Description/Overview

The Translational Research and Technology Committee (TRTC) seeks to help CARRA become an engine of translational research in the pediatric rheumatic diseases.  

Our goals include:  
1) Establish a thriving CARRA-wide biorepository that increases biosample access to CARRA members who would like to conduct translational research.  
2) Develop and maintain standard operating procedures for biosample collection.
3) Establish strong bonds between the TRTC and CARRA disease-specific workgroups to develop translational arms for clinical studies.
4) Identify and obtain funding to conduct high quality translational research on biosamples collected through CARRA.
5) Promote the development and success of translational investigators within CARRA.


1) Data Management Workgroup
Responsibilities:  Develop an easily-accessible database of CARRA biosamples available for researchers to use for translational research.  
Leaders:  Laura Lewandowski and Sue Thompson

2) Standard Operating Procedures Workgroup
Responsibilities:  Develop CARRA SOPs for biosample collection, processing, and storage.
Leader:  Halima Moncrieffe

3) Governance Workgroup
Responsibilities:  Establish a regulatory infrastructure to allow the collection and sharing of biosamples within CARRA.  
Leader:  Lauren Henderson

4) Biorepository Workgroup
Responsibilities:  Work with CARRA site investigators, research coordinators, and the CARRA Biobank to maximize biosample collection within CARRA.   
Leader:  Lauren Henderson

5) TRTC Liaisons
Responsibilities:  Promote collaboration between the TRTC and disease-specific workgroups to help integrate translational research into clinical research projects.
Leader:  Colleen Correll

6) CARRA Translational Initiative
Responsibilities:  Develop and obtain funding for translational projects that utilize CARRA biosamples.
Leaders:  Cory Stingl and Peter Nigrovic


To join one or more of these workgroups or to receive updates on the work of the TRTC, please update your profile using the link below. You will be added to the committee listserv and any workgroup specific listservs that you have signed up for.