Small Centers

Theresa Wampler-Muskardin, MD
Theresa Wampler-Muskardin, MD
NYU Langone Health
Vice Chair
Matthew Hollander, MD, MHA
Matthew Hollander, MD, MHA
University of Vermont Children’s Hospital

Committee Description/Overview

Small pediatric rheumatology centers (Small Centers) are those at which there are typically 3 or fewer pediatric rheumatologists, or, there are 3 or fewer full-time-equivalent providers seeing pediatric rheumatology patients.  The importance of small pediatric rheumatology centers (SmC) to the success of CARRA has been recognized from the beginning. The founders of CARRA stipulated that a representative from a small center should be on the Steering Committee to advocate for small centers members, and to ensure that those centers with more limited resources have full opportunity to participate in research as well. Two early projects, development of the first Consensus Treatment Plans and formation of the first Registry, CARRAnet, had as one shared goal ensuring that all CARRA members could be active participating members in pediatric rheumatology research. That goal continues, and the SmC Committee gives the opportunity to develop and use CARRA-supported resources to enable all SmC members to participate in its research agenda.


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Additional Current Content

Small Center Member Definition
An investigator, study coordinator, or nurse in a site with 3 or fewer Pediatric Rheumatologists, or a site with 3 or less full-time equivalent providers seeing pediatric rheumatology patients.

Small Center Committee Mission
Remove barriers and provide resources needed to support participation in research by small centers.

Focus Areas

  • SmC identification/expansion
  • Maximize engagement in CARRA research
  • Identifying barriers and develop tools to assist in research participation
  • SmC member authorship/acknowledgement in research participation
  • Grant participation