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CARRA-AF Research Coordinator Pilot Support Program

Project Funding Period: April 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019
Request for Applications

Application are due January 18

CARRA and the Arthritis Foundation are committed to supporting our CARRA Registry sites and believe firmly in the importance of a dedicated  coordinator to support enrollment and ongoing maintenance of the CARRA Registry and sub studies. As such, we are pleased to announce a pilot program that will provide funding to a limited number of current CARRA Registry sites for salary support for a CARRA Registry research coordinator.

Currently activated CARRA Registry Sites are eligible to apply.  Priority will be given to sites without a dedicated research coordinator that can demonstrate how the provided funds will significantly increase enrollment and improve CARRA Registry operations at their sites. Sites with access to a part-time coordinator may still apply, if the site can demonstrate how adding additional coordinator support will enable the site to enroll more patients.

Funding Details
This pilot program is made possible by funds provided from the Arthritis Foundation. The total award amount is $27,000, which includes $25,000 plus 8% in indirect costs.  These restricted funds are to be used to support a coordinator to perform study activities on CARRA studies, including patient recruitment, enrollment and follow up, data entry, and biosample collection on CARRA Registry and substudy patients.  The one-year funding period is April 1, 2018--March 31, 2019.

Funds will be provided by the Arthritis Foundation (following approval by CARRA) in two installments: 

  1. 75% upon execution of a research agreement with CARRA
  2. 25% following receipt and review of the 6-month progress report and confirmation of project status via conference call between the site PI and CARRA.

Coordinator Training
Orientation and coordinator training will be provided by CARRA staff and DCRI at the beginning of the funding period. Ongoing training will be provided to coordinators through the regular monthly CARRA/DCRI registry PI/coordinator calls and one on one communications with DCRI site management staff.

Expectations and Requirements
The funded coordinator will be expected to 1) apply for CARRA Research Coordinator membership (at no cost) during their Registry orientation period, and 2) attend the CARRA Annual Scientific Meeting from April 12-15, 2018, including the pre-conference CARRA Registry and research coordinator meetings.

By the end of the pilot funding period, funded sites are expected to:

  • Have increased CARRA Registry enrollment by meeting enrollment targets as outlined in the site’s proposal and agreed to by CARRA
  • Have maintained follow-up data entry (including event reporting for all enrolled patients)
  • Have facilitated increased biosample collection
  • Have shown progress in enrollment for all sub studies in which the site is participating

Selected sites will be expected to perform enrollment and follow up visits, enter data per protocol, and stay up to date on regulatory requirements.  Data entry and query resolution must be performed in a timely fashion within guidelines set by DCRI and sites are expected to be responsive to queries and communications from both CARRA and the DCRI. Sites will be required to participate in monthly calls with CARRA and DCRI (in addition to attending the monthly site calls with all CARRA sites and DCRI) submit quarterly progress reports as well a final report at termination of funds, and attend the Annual Meeting--including the coordinator and CARRA Registry pre-conference meetings.

Application and Selection Process
The site must submit online application by January 18, 2018. Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the CARRA Registry Operations Committee and an Arthritis Foundation representative. Final selections will be made by the CARRA Registry Operations Committee and applicants will be notified by March 1, 2018. Contact Kelly Mieszkalski ([email protected] or 919-668-7531) with questions.