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CARRA-AF Fellows Small Grant

CARRA-AF Grant Applications to Include:

  • Abstract (300 word max)
  • 2-3 sentence lay summary of your project.
  • Specific aims (1 page), research plan (3 page limit for publications support, small, and fellows grants; 5 page limit for large grants), and references (no page limit). (Download template: WORD)
  • Budget and justification (Download template: WORD / PDF)
  • NIH-formatted biosketches for PI and all co-Is (5 page limit per biosketch; please combine all biosketches into one PDF with the PI biosketch on top/listed first.)
  • Letters of support
    • Required for budgets that include investigator effort (include letter from division chief documenting that % effort is available, and confirming investigator salary). Total costs salary support must not exceed 50% of total project costs.
    • Letters of support from collaborators, mentors and institution for all other applications are highly recommended.

Click here to view a pdf document of everything you will asked to provide in the online grant application form. 

Use the templates provided when you submit your final application.

Important information for Fellows Small Grant Submissions

Applications due: March 1

This grant mechanism is exclusively available for fellows entering their third year who wish to perform a CARRA-related research project. The project must not be necessary to meet the ABP requirement for scholarly work product, but it may be supplemental.

  • Non-pediatric rheumatology fellows are not eligible.
  • Fellows must have a mentor listed on their application. Mentor does not need to be a pediatric rheumatologist.


  • Use the template documents provided above and submit your completed CARRA Fellow Small Grant application by March 1, 2018 via the online grant submission system.