Scope of Work for Vice Chair of the CARRA Research Coordinator Network (RCN)




  • Assist the Chair to provide a summary of the committee/workgroups activities in an annual report (template to be provided), including assessment of and recommendations for the CARRA Coordinator Mentor Program and CARRA Research Coordinator Orientation Program.
  • Provide written updates for newsletters as requested,
  • Identify potential successors at least one year prior to expiration of term,


  • Develop and co-lead the CARRA Research Coordinator Network (RCN) and oversee the general workings of the Network
  • Fulfills responsibilities of Chair when Chair is unavailable,
  • Participate in the development and review of Registry coordinator and site training materials,
  • Provide input into CARRA Registry data collection and operations,
  • Prioritize and enhance CARRA research studies and Registry enrollment and site performance, including working with his/her site as well as others,
  • Attend monthly Steering Committee meetings (conference calls), currently held the 2nd Friday of each month from 2-3:30PM Eastern time,
  • Attend face to face meetings of the Steering Committee,
  • Attend (in person) the CARRA Annual Scientific Meeting,
  • Attend and contribute to monthly CARRA Registry Operations Team calls, currently held monthly on the second Monday of each month from 11am to 12pm Eastern time,
  • Participate in yearly CARRA Registry Operations Meetings (in person in Durham, NC or virtually),
  • Represent CARRA as a consultant/resource to collaborators and other groups when needed
  • Participate in coordinator-related meeting planning:
    • Assist the Chair with yearly Registry Retreat planning and coordination of related programs (e.g., Registry Power Hours, any coordinator programming at the Annual Scientific Meeting). This includes serving on planning teams, developing agendas, programming and materials development,
  • Support and improve productivity of workgroups,
  • Communicate at least monthly with Chair on goals and progress of the committee and its workgroups,
  • Train and orient new Vice Chair,
  • Maintain eligibility requirements for this position throughout the term*
    • Serve as a study coordinator for the Registry or a Registry-based CARRA study at his/her site
    • Actively recruit, consent, enroll and follow participants for the CARRA Registry and other CARRA studies
    • Participate in biosample collection
    • Enroll new patients into CARRA studies on a regular basis (for the CARRA Registry, this is defined as a minimum of one new subject enrolled per month)
    • Remain up to date on data entry and regulatory requirements for all CARRA studies that the coordinator is staffing
    • Attend/Participate in DCRI CARRA Registry Site Calls
    • Remain responsive to CARRA and DCRI queries and communications, participating in DCRI-led CARRA Registry site calls

An estimated/average 2 hours weekly will be needed to perform these duties.  This role includes compensation of 5% of salary plus fringe.

*time required to maintain eligibility is not funded effort through this position