Publications Committee Chair Scope of Work

The CARRA Publications Committee is responsible for carrying out the CARRA Publications Policy which applies to publications and presentations which include results derived from data and bio specimens collected via the CARRA Registry protocols and sub-studies, or other studies which have been authorized to be managed by the CARRA Publications Committee after completion of the primary study. A sub-study is any study that makes use of a CARRA study infrastructure or database for recruitment, information collection, and information storage.  All data and bio specimens that are shared via the CARRA Registry Data and Sample Share Committee application process are subject to the CARRA Publications Policy. The policy also applies to surveys and other publications related to the use of CARRA infrastructure for mailing lists, conference time, or funding.


3 years (7/1/20-6/30/23), with the option to run for a second term.

An estimated/average 1-2 hours weekly will be needed to perform these duties. This role includes compensation of 5% of salary (with a $200,000 maximum) plus fringe. CARRA allows for an 8% F&A supplement on salary support. Funding will be provided via a contract with the member’s institution.

Publications Committee Chair Responsibilities

  1. Oversees CARRA Publications Committee.
  2. Selects reviewers for abstracts, posters, and manuscripts. Reviewers may be chosen from the CARRA Registry Data and Sample Share Committee, or from the CARRA membership at large as needed.
  3. Serves as resource/point of contact for investigator questions and disputes regarding publications.
  4. In conjunction with CARRA staff, assist with cataloging and archiving of all abstracts and publications completed and in progress.
  5. Provide semi-annual reports to the CARRA Steering Committee on the progress of all study publications.


Must be a member in good standing.

  • Member is current on membership dues and membership information (location, contact information, and membership status) is up-to-date
  • Member participates in at least one Research Committee (e.g. JDM, JIA, SVARD, etc.) of CARRA
  • Member has attended at least one annual CARRA meeting over the last 3 year period

The CARRA Publications Committee will consist of:

  • The CARRA Registry Scientific Director
  • The CARRA Informatics Director
  • 1 elected Publications Committee Chair

CARRA Publications Committee Responsibilities

  • Review publications/presentations for correct attributions.
  • Review publications/presentations for adherence to the original research proposal accepted by the CARRA Registry Data Sample Share Committee before the manuscript is submitted for publication.
  • Review the policy (at minimum) on an annual basis and amend as necessary
  • Adhere to CARRA Publications Policy Review Timelines:
Type of Publication   Time Needed for Review by Publications Committee
Abstracts   7 days
Papers/Manuscripts   3 weeks
Posters   7 days
Slides   7 days
Meeting Proceedings   7 days
Press Releases   7 days