Ethics Committee Scope of Work

The Committee is chartered to provide assistance to the Board and the Audit Committee to enable CARRA to operate according to the highest ethical standards and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

The Committee provides reports and recommendations to the Board for review and approval.


  • Minutes from each meeting will be provided to the full Board after review and approval by the Committee.
  • The Committee report provides written updates about its meetings, recommendations and actions to the Board at least annually.


  • Keeping minutes of all meetings.
  • Ensuring conformance to CARRA policies and directives that relate to CARRA’s ethical standards and management of conflict of interest.
  • Representing the best interests of CARRA at all times; maintaining confidentiality regarding the Committee’s work; and avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • Annually reviewing and assessing the Committee’s performance and the adequacy of the committee’s Charter, and recommending any changes to the Board for approval.
  • Review and make recommendations regarding the ethics and professionalism of the organization, its officers, directors, and members.
  • Review and make recommendations regarding any conflicts reported during the annual COI/COC disclosure process and reports of conflicts submitted by the general membership.
  • Review and, from time to time, propose modifications to the CARRA Code of Ethics and the CARRA Conflict of Interest Guidelines and develop information to educate the membership concerning the Code of Ethics and conflict of interest issues.
  • Review charges alleging professional misconduct by members.
  • Organize and establish subcommittees and task forces as the Committee deems necessary or appropriate to carry out its objectives, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.


3 years (7/1/21-6/30/24).


  • Internal Committee members (those who are CARRA members) must be members in good standing as defined by the CARRA membership policy.
    • Member is current on membership dues and membership information (location, contact information, and membership status) is up-to-date
    • Member participates in at least one Research Committee (e.g. JDM, JIA, Rare Diseases, etc.) of CARRA
    • Member has attended at least one annual CARRA meeting over the last 3 year period
  • Committee members must not be paid (directly or via salary support paid to the member’s institution) by CARRA for work on behalf of CARRA with the exception of CARRA intramural grants.
  • CARRA members who currently serve on the following committees are not eligible to serve on the Ethics Committee:
    • Steering Committee
    • Board of Directors
    • Executive Committee
    • Registry and Research Oversight Committee (RROC)
    • Internally Funded Research Oversight committee (IROC)
    • Finance Committee
  • Fellows are eligible.