Finance Chair Election

The elected Finance Chair of CARRA serves as chair of CARRA’s Finance Committee and if later confirmed by CARRA’s Board of Directors, will serve as a member CARRA’s Executive Committee.

To learn more about the scope of work of the Finance Chair, visit this page


The Finance Chair of CARRA is elected by the CARRA voting members and serves a two-year term (7/1/22-6/30/24). This position leads to future leadership roles in CARRA.


Candidates for Finance Chair of CARRA should have significant relevant leadership experience and demonstrated commitment to CARRA’s values and guiding principles and significant contributions to CARRA activities (e.g., service on the CARRA Steering Committee or other leadership activities) and be a CARRA member-in-good-standing, as defined by the CARRA Membership Policy.

Candidates will be asked to submit a CV, minimum of two letters of support, a personal statement, and completed Conflict of Interest (COI) form. The CARRA Elections Committee will review each candidate’s membership status. The Ethics Committee will review each candidate for conflict of interest and/or conflict of commitment. Results of reviews will be shared with the Steering Committee, which will review all applicant materials and make final determinations on candidate eligibility.    

Nomination Process

Nominations can be self-nominations or nominations of another CARRA Member. CARRA will contact all nominated candidates the day after the nomination deadline.

Submit nominations for self or fellow CARRA member via the link below by September 5, 2021.


SurveyMonkey ballots will be sent to all CARRA members via email on October 14, 2021.


If you have any questions about the position, please contact Membership & Administrative Manager, Annie Lindenberg at [email protected]

Finance Chair Election Timeline

Timeline for the Fellows Co-Chair Election

July 1   Nominations Open (by 8pm ET)  
September 5   Nominations Due (by 8pm ET)
September 22   Nominee Materials Due
October 14    Voting Opens
October 25   Voting Closes
July 1, 2022   New Term Starts


Steering Committee Elections

Each year, the CARRA membership elects individuals to serve on the Steering Committee. The roles open for election each year varies. Be sure to keep an eye out for the call for nominations and the timeline for the election process.

Current Steering Committee Roster

Below you will find information about the Scope of Work for CARRA Steering Committee positions.

Chair Positions
(Cross-Cutting, JDM, JIA, Pain, SLE, Small Centers, Rare Diseases, & TRTC)

Steering Committee Chair Scope of Work
*Steering Committee Chair positions receive 10% salary support.

Vice Chair Positions

(Cross-Cutting, JDM, JIA, Pain, SLE, Small Centers, Rare Diseases, & TRTC)

Steering Committee Vice Chair Scope of Work
*Steering Committee Vice Chair positions receive 5% salary support.