Steering Committee Elections

The CARRA Elections Committee seeks nominations for the following CARRA leadership positions: 

  • Cross Cutting Vice Chair
  • JIA Vice Chair
  • RCN Vice Chair

Position receives 5% salary support

Vice Chair Positions
Current open Vice Chair positions: Cross Cutting, JIA, RCN
3-year term: July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2025

Steering Committee Vice Chair Scope of Work
RCN Vice Chair Scope of Work

*Steering Committee Vice Chair positions receive 5% salary support.

Nomination Process

Nominations can be self-nominations or nominations of another CARRA Member. CARRA will contact all nominated candidates the day after the nomination deadline.

Once nominees accept their nominations, they will be asked to submit the following for their application: 

  • 1-2 paragraph personal statement
  • Bio-sketch (NIH formatted, 5 page max)
  • Completed COI/COC form (Disclosures will be shared as part of the voting guide materials.)
  • Photo

Vice Chair nominations are due by December 17, 2021.


Timeline for the Vice Chair Elections 
Positions on the voting ballot: Cross Cutting, JIA, RCN

  • December 17              Nominations Due (by 8pm ET)
  • January 7                    Nominee Applications Due (by 8pm ET)
  • January 14                  Voting Opens
  • January 24                  Voting Closes
  • January 31                  Elected candidates announced to the membership