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Ethics Committee


CARRA Ethics Committee Election

Timeline for Election

  • Nominations Due: Friday, September 1
  • Nominee Applications Due: September 22
  • Voting Opens: September 27
  • Voting Closes: October 10
  • The new committee will be announced to the membership during the week of October 23

Committee Eligibility

  • Must be a member in good standing with CARRA:
    • Member is current on membership dues and membership information (location, contact information, and membership status) is up-to-date
    • Member participates in at least one Research Committee (e.g. JDM, JIA, SVARD, etc.) of CARRA
    • Member has attended at least one annual CARRA meeting over the last 3 year period
  • Committee members must not be paid (directly or via salary support paid to the member’s institution) by CARRA for work on behalf of CARRA (e.g., Steering Committee members, Executive Committee members, interns are not eligible), with the exception of CARRA intramural grants
  • CARRA members who currently serve on the following committees are not eligible to serve on the Ethics Committee
    • Steering Committee
    • Board of Directors
    • Executive Committee
  • Fellows are not eligible

SOW for Ethics Committee Members

  • Review and make recommendations regarding the ethics and professionalism of the organization, its officers, directors, and members
  • Review and make recommendations regarding any conflicts reported during the annual COI/COC disclosure process
  • Address and respond to questions of conflict of interest
  • Be responsible for reviewing and, from time to time, proposing modifications to the CARRA Code of Ethics and the CARRA Conflict of Interest Guidelines
  • Review charges alleging professional misconduct by members
  • Respond to requests from the Board of Directors for guidance and recommendations on matters involving ethics and conflict of interest
  • Develop information to educate the membership concerning the Code of Ethics and conflict of interest issues
  • Organize and establish subcommittees and task forces as the Committee deems necessary or appropriate to carry out its objectives, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors
  • Submit yearly COI/COC disclosure forms
  • Inaugural  Ethics Committee will develop the committee charter

Committee Composition

  • The inaugural Ethics Committee will consist of 5 members
  • 4 members will be added in year 2
  • The Ethics Committee will include at least one individual who is not a member of CARRA, appointed by the CARRA Board of Directors
  • Chair and Vice Chair of committee will be elected by the committee during year 1
  • Subsequent years, the committee will elect the vice chair, who will assume the Chair role in year 2
  • The committee will aim to have an odd number of members, with the total number of committee members not to exceed 11

Committee Member Time Commitments

  • Committee members are asked to serve 2 year terms*
    • *2-3 members of the first Ethics Committee will be asked to serve 3 year terms
    • Chair serves 1 year term as chair, during his/her 2 year term, with the exception of the 1st chair, who will be asked to serve 2 years as Chair
    • Vice chair serves 1st year of 2  year term as VC, then 2nd year as Chair
  • 2 - 3 conference calls per year
  • 1 in person meeting, held at the CARRA Annual Meeting
  • Members are "on call" for issues that arise requiring that members be extremely responsive and able to work under short time frames

Applicant Materials

Nominees will be required to submit the following materials:

  • Personal statement about why they want to run for the position, noting any experience relevant to the position
  • CV
  • Completed CARRA COI/COC disclosure forms (note:  all disclosures will be available for review by the voting membership)
  • Photo

Click here to submit your application materials by September 22.