CARRA has a number of standing committees. Descriptions of each committee and their current members can be found below.

Annual Meeting Planning Committee

Chair: Marinka Twilt, MD, MSCE, PhD
Vice Chair: Mary Beth Son, MD
Committee Members:

  • Laura Lewandowski, MD
  • Jan Orrock, MD
  • Rob Fuhlbrigge, MD, PhD
  • Natasha McKerran Ruth, MD, MS
  • Bryce Binstadt, MD, PhD
  • Andrea Ring
  • Maria Vassileva
  • Melissa Argraves, MD
  • Christine Bacha, MD

The purpose of the Annual Meeting Planning Committee is to provide oversight and support for the planning, development, and execution of the Annual Scientific Meeting.

Consensus Treatment Plans (CTP) Committee

Chair: Emily von Scheven, MD, MAS
Committee Members:

  • Kaveh Ardalan, MD, MS
  • Brian Feldman, MD, MSc, FRCPC
  • Adam Huber, MD
  • Angela Chun, MD
  • Cagri Yildirim Toruner, MD
  • Daniel Glaser, MD
  • Fatima Barbar-Smiley, MD, MPH
  • Fatma Dedeoglu, MD

To learn more about this committee, click here.

Data & Sample Share Committee

Core Members:

  • Tim Beukelman, MD, MSCE
  • Marc Natter, MD
  • Grant Schulert, MD, PhD

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Committee

Chair: Tamar Rubinstein, MD
Vice Chair: Giya Harry, MD, MPH, FAAP
Committee Members:

  • Kiana Johnson, PhD, MPH, MSEd
  • Joyce Chang, MD, MSCE
  • Rebecca Olveda, MD
  • Luciana Brandao Paim Marques, MD, MS
  • Alana Goldstein-Leever, PsyD
  • Lawrence Ng
  • Mileka Gilbert, MD, PhD
  • Nayimisha Balmuri, MD
  • Natalia Vasquez Canizares, MD, MS
  • Fatma Dedeoglu, MD

Elections Committee

Chair: Rob Fuhlbrigge, MD, PhD
Committee Members: 

  • Nancy Pan, MD
  • Sangeeta Sule, MD, PhD
  • Kelly Rouster-Stevens, MD
  • Natalie Rosenwasser, MD

The Elections Committee is chartered to ensure the fairness and integrity of CARRA elections, establish the schedule and parameters for annual elections, and oversee the annual selection of members of the Steering Committee and other CARRA committees.

Ethics Committee

Committee Members:

  • Christy Sandborg, MD
  • Cory Stingl, MD
  • Evan Mulvihill, MD
  • Drew Lasky, MD
  • Danny Soulsby, MD
  • Melissa Tesher, MD
  • Kabita Nanda, MD
  • Angela Robinson, MD
  • Brent Graham, MD, MS

The Ethics Committee is chartered to provide assistance to the Board and the Audit Committee to enable CARRA to operate according to the highest ethical standards and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 

If you would like to submit a concern or issue for the Ethics Committee to review, please use this form:

Confidential Ethics Concern Submission Form

Executive Committee

Chair: Emily von Scheven, MD, MAS - President 
Vice Chair: Robert Colbert, MD, PhD - Vice President 
Committee Members:

  • Stacy Ardoin, MD, MSc - Finance Chair
  • Robert Fuhlbrigge, MD, PhD - Past President

Finance Committee

Chair: Stacy Ardoin, MD, MSc
Committee Members:

  • Emily von Scheven, MD, MAS
  • Aimee Hersh, MD
  • Deborah Levy, MD
  • Adam Huber, MD

The Finance Committee assists and supports the financial and tax practices of the organization. This includes assisting the Board with updating its fiscal policies and procedures, developing the annual budget, ensuring accurate tracking and analysis of financial performance, trends, & other issues, and assisting the Board with conformance to relevant financial tax rules, regulations, and Board policies.

Membership Committee

Chair: Robert Colbert, MD, PhD
Committee Members: 

  • Theresa Wampler Muskardin, MD
  • Erica Lawson, MD
  • Grant Schulert, MD, PhD
  • Kelly Mieszkalski, MA
  • Marinka Twilt, MD, MSCE, PhD
  • Mary Ellen Riordan, BSN, CCRC
  • Natasha McKerran Ruth, MD, MS
  • Gabe Tarshish, MD

The Membership Committee is chartered to review, develop, and recommend CARRA’s membership policies and procedures, as well as carry out final Steering Committee approved policies. The Committee’s areas of supervision include the following aspects of membership: its structure, fees, requirements, and administration; growth and retention; benefits; developing a robust leadership pipeline.

IROC (Internally Funded Research Oversight Committee)

Chair: Aimee Hersh, MD
Committee Members: 

  • Kaveh Ardalan, MD, MS
  • Lauren Henderson, MD, MMSc
  • Adam Huber, MD
  • Mark Connelly, PhD

The IROC is chartered to make funding decisions on new awards, to evaluate and make decisions on requests for no cost extensions (“NCEs”), to oversee the progress and assess the compliance of CARRA’s internally funded research grants (“CARRA-Arthritis Foundation Grants”), and to make funding decisions on educational and travel awards. The Committee will also provide reports, develop policies, review and assess proposed funding mechanism recommendations, and include these and other items as needed as part of the overall CARRA grant portfolio review presented to the Steering Committee for approval.

Publications Committee

Chair: Tova Ronis, MDCM
Committee Members:

  • Tim Beukelman, MD, MSCE
  • Marc Natter, MD

The Publications Committee is chartered to oversee CARRA’s official policies related to publications.

To submit a publication for review, click here.

RROC (Registry & Research Oversight Committee)

Co-Chairs: Yuki Kimura, MD & Laura Schanberg, MD
Committee Members: 

  • Timothy Beukelman, MD, MSCE
  • Peter Nigrovic, MD
  • Stacy Ardoin, MD, MSc
  • Mary Beth Son, MD
  • Colleen Correll, MD
  • Stephen Balevic, MD, MHS
  • Leslie Hanrahan
  • Karin Tse

The Committee is chartered to:

  • Oversee and monitor performance of the CARRA Registry and sub-studies as well as research projects funded via grants or contracts to CARRA from external sources such as pharmaceutical companies, foundations or government funding agencies.
  • Oversee and monitor performance of the CARRA Registry’s contracted coordinating center.
  • Manage and oversee the CARRA Informatics Core, the CARRA Biobank, CARRA Registry and Informatics Associate Program, PARTNERS, and the CARRA-Arthritis Foundation Coordinator Pilot Program.
  • Approve or reject new projects that utilize the CARRA Registry, CARRA research sites, and/or seek endorsement as a CARRA research project or activity.
  • Facilitate implementation of new projects that utilize the CARRA Registry and/or CARRA research sites and monitor their performance.
  • Manage and oversee CARRA’s business development activities.

Scientific Review Committee

Committee Members: Click here to see the full roster!

The Scientific Review Committee (the “SRC”) is a review group established by the authority of CARRA’s Steering Committee for the purpose of reviewing all applications for internally funded grants and travel awards. This currently includes Small, Large, and Fellow grants, as well as PReS and Utrecht travel awards. Any future internally funded grant and travel awards will also be reviewed by this committee. 

Steering Committee

Committee Members: Click here to see the full roster!

The Steering Committee is chartered to have primary accountability for (1) overseeing internally-funded research activities, (2) overseeing the structure, organization, and activities of the membership, (3) overseeing CARRA’s annual scientific meeting, (4) overseeing research development, and (4) overseeing CARRA’s research, stakeholder, and other designated committees.