CARRA has a number of standing committees. Descriptions of each committee and their current members can be found below.

Annual Meeting Planning Committee

Committee Members: Yuki Kimura, Chair; Stacy Ardoin, Adam Huber, Laura Lewandowski, Jay Mehta, Kelly Mieszkalski

Consensus Treatment Plans (CTP) Committee

Committee Members: Emily von Scheven, Chair; Kaveh Ardalan, Brian Feldman, Adam Huber, Andrea Knight, Sarah Ringold

To learn more about this committee, click here.

Data & Sample Share Committee

Committee Members: Fatima Barbar-Smiley, Tim Beukelman, Min-Lee Chang, Lauren Henderson, Marc Natter

Elections Committee

Committee Members: Yuki Kimura, Chair;  Deborah Levy, Kabita Nanda, Nancy Pan, Sangeeta Sule

Ethics Committee

Committee Members: Karen Onel, Gloria Higgins, Edward Oberle, Egla Rabinovich, Christy Sandborg

If you would like to submit a concern or issue for the Ethics Committee to review, please use this form:

Confidential Ethics Concern Submission Form

Executive Committee

Committee Members: Robert Fuhlbrigge, President; Emily von Scheven, Vice President; Robert Colbert, Finance Chair; Yuki Kimura, Past President

Finance Committee

Committee Members: Robert Colbert, Chair; John Bohnsack, Stacy Ardoin, Robert Fuhlbrigge, Leigh White

Membership Committee

Committee Members: Emily von Scheven, Chair; Theresa Wampler Muskardin, Erica Lawson, Grant Schulert, Kelly Mieszkalski, Marinka Twilt, Mary Ellen Riordan, Natasha McKerran Ruth

IROC (Internally Funded Research Oversight Committee)

Committee Members: Aimee Hersh, Chair; Kaveh Ardalan, Adam Huber, Mark Connelly

Publications Committee

Committee Members: Tova Ronis, Chair; Tim Beukelman, Marc Natter

To submit a publication for review, click here.

RROC (Registry & Research Oversight Committee)

Committee Members: Yuki Kimura, Laura Schanberg, Timothy Beukelman, Peter Nigrovic

Scientific Review Committee

Committee Members: Terry Moore, Chair; Kaveh Ardalan, Imelda Balboni, Fatima Barbar-Smiley, Monica Brown Lobbins, Scott Canna, Guy Eakin, Joyce Hui-Yuen, Ginger Janow, Jim Jarvis, Hanna Kim, Andrea Knight, Theresa Lu, Melissa Mannion, Angela Robinson, Tamar Rubinstein, Grant Schulert, Nora Singer, Mary Beth Son, Hemalatha Srinivasalu, Sangeeta Sule, Kathleen Sullivan, Marinka Twilt, Tiphanie Vogel, Scott Wenderfer

Steering Committee

Committee Members: Click here to see the full roster!