CARRA has a number of standing committees. Descriptions of each committee and their current members can be found below.

Annual Meeting Planning Committee

Committee Members: Laura Lewandowski, Chair; Jay Mehta, Marinka Twilt, Mary Beth Son, Jan Orrock, Rob Fuhlbrigge, Natasha McKerran Ruth, Jessica Bloom, Stacy Ardoin, Bryce Binstadt,  and Andrea Ring

Consensus Treatment Plans (CTP) Committee

Committee Members: Emily von Scheven, Chair; Kaveh Ardalan, Brian Feldman, Adam Huber, Andrea Knight, Sarah Ringold

To learn more about this committee, click here.

Data & Sample Share Committee

Committee Members: Fatima Barbar-Smiley, Tim Beukelman, Min-Lee Chang, Lauren Henderson, Marc Natter

Elections Committee

Committee Members: Rob Fuhlbrigge, Chair;  Deborah Levy, Kabita Nanda, Nancy Pan, Sangeeta Sule

Ethics Committee

Committee Members: Egla Rabinovich, Chair; Karen Onel, Gloria Higgins, Edward Oberle, Christy Sandborg, Cory Stingl, Evan Mulvihill, Drew Lasky, Danny Soulsby

If you would like to submit a concern or issue for the Ethics Committee to review, please use this form:

Confidential Ethics Concern Submission Form

Executive Committee

Committee Members: Emily von Scheven, President; Robert Colbert, Vice President; Stacy Ardoin, Finance Chair; Robert Fuhlbrigge, Past President

Finance Committee

Committee Members: Stacy Ardoin, Chair; John Bohnsack, Stacy Ardoin, Robert Fuhlbrigge, Leigh White, Emily von Scheven

Membership Committee

Committee Members: Robert Colbert, Chair; Theresa Wampler Muskardin, Erica Lawson, Grant Schulert, Kelly Mieszkalski, Marinka Twilt, Mary Ellen Riordan, Natasha McKerran Ruth

IROC (Internally Funded Research Oversight Committee)

Committee Members: Aimee Hersh, Chair; Kaveh Ardalan, Lauren Henderson, Adam Huber, Mark Connelly

Publications Committee

Committee Members: Tova Ronis, Chair; Tim Beukelman, Marc Natter

To submit a publication for review, click here.

RROC (Registry & Research Oversight Committee)

Committee Members: Yuki Kimura, Laura Schanberg, Timothy Beukelman, Peter Nigrovic

Scientific Review Committee

Committee Members: Click here to see the full roster!

Steering Committee

Committee Members: Click here to see the full roster!