CARRA 2021 Awards

CARRA Outstanding Service Award

This award recognizes an individual that has made meaningful contribution to the organization and consistently demonstrates a high degree of excellence in teamwork and collaboration. This individual demonstrates generosity and willingness to assist others in the CARRA community.


  • Individual must be an active CARRA member in good standing.
  • Current members of the Executive Committee, Steering Committee, and RROC are not eligible for nomination.

Nomination Process

  • Nominations will be accepted from any CARRA member in good standing.
  • Nominations must include a nomination letter that details what makes the nominee exceptional. Specific examples of service and impact should be provided along with how the nominee fits within the award characteristics.
  • An additional supporting letter will be required regarding the nominee’s impact and service.
  • Upon nomination, a CV will be requested from the nominee.
  • Nominations can be made here.

Selection Criteria
Nominees for this award should have made selfless contribution to the organization and demonstrated impact as follows:

  • This individual’s work has advanced CARRA’s goals in measurable ways.
  • Encourages others to conduct work in ways that will advance the goals of CARRA, and advance the careers of CARRA members.

In addition, the nominee should demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Responsive: innovative, resourceful and timely, approachable and open-minded, able to balance individual and organizational needs, productive.
  • Respectful: friendly, courteous and considerate, exhibiting care and compassion when serving others, valuing different ideas and perspectives, treating others with dignity, inclusive.
  • Collaborative: works successfully with other to accomplish organizational goals, demonstrates teamwork across boundaries, supports others in what they do.


The deadline for nominating for this award is January 15.

After nominations have been received, they will be reviewed by the review committee. The award winner will be announced during the 2021 CARRA Annual Scientific Meeting.