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CARRA-Arthritis Foundation Grant Posters

As a CARRA-Arthritis Foundation Grant recipient, you are expected to present a poster during each Annual Scientific Meeting until final results have been presented. Below are instructions for submitting your grant poster for CARRA’s 2021 Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting.

Posters will be available for viewing on the Annual Scientific Meeting website from mid-March through April 17, 2021. Recipients will need to submit a PDF of their poster by Monday, March 8. Recipients may also submit a 5-minute or less pre-recorded presentation to include with their poster; however, this is not a requirement.

Next Steps:

All CARRA-related and/or CARRA–funded posters are subject to the CARRA Publication and Presentation Guidelines.

Poster Requirements:

Deadline: Upload your poster and presentation (if applicable) here by Monday, March 8