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Information for Potential Scientific Review Committee Members

The Scientific Review Committee is now accepting volunteers! If you are interested in becoming a Committee Member, please contact the Grants Manager at [email protected] or (414) 918-9822.

SRC Member Eligibility:

  • >1 year post training (clinical or post-doctoral fellowship) and performance
  • Must be a member in good standing with CARRA:
    • Member is current on membership dues and membership information (location, contact information, and membership status) is up-to-date
    • Member participates in at least one Research Committee (e.g. JDM, JIA, SVARD, etc.) of CARRA
  • Currently engaged in Pediatric Rheumatology or related research
  • Willingness to serve as primary reviewer for at least one grant application per year
  • Availability/commitment to review grants twice a year
  • Availability/commitment to attend an orientation call (up to 1 hour long)
  • Availability/commitment to review grants and attend an in-person or teleconference meeting to review grant submissions for each cycle. This may involve a maximum of the following (not all reviewers will have this level of commitment):  
    • 2 cycles per year
    • Anticipate a 4 hour group meeting for each cycle
  • Commitment to respond to communications and complete reviews in a timely fashion
  • Commitment to disclose any relevant conflicts of interest related to individual grant applications
  • Commitment to agree to confidentiality regarding the applications, reviews and review process
  • All selected reviewers will be required to complete a CARRA Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Disclosure Form.

Chair Eligibility:
(in addition to meeting the minimum eligibility described under SRC Member Eligibility):

Term of appointment: 3 years, renewable x 1.

  • >10 year post training (mid-career or senior faculty preferred)
  • Prior funding experience is required
  • Prior service on an NIH or CIHR study section (special or standing) is required
  • Availability/commitment to perform the duties of Chair
  • The initial chair of this committee must agree not to submit a grant application applicable deadline. He/she would be eligible to submit grants during future grant cycles, and are eligible to submit Publication Support Grants (which are reviewed by the IROC)

Chair Responsibilities:

  • Select SRC members from the list of eligible nominees
  • Select 8-10 SRC members to serve as reviewers for each grant cycle
  • Work with CARRA Staff to finalize SRC standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Conduct a one hour orientation call with the new committee
  • Assign Primary and secondary reviewers and when available a “novice” reviewer (at least 3 per application preferred)
  • Recruit/assign external/ ad hoc reviewers when appropriate
  • Supervise initial review process and mediate group discussion meeting/ teleconference
  • Summarize main points for the group at the end of the discussion to make sure highlights of comments is conveyed to the applicant
  • Conduct budget discussion after scores completed
  • Review feedback to be provided back to applicants, ensure that highlights of reviewer comments are conveyed adequately
  • Compile review results (with assistance from CARRA staff) after the group discussion and submit to the IROC in a timely fashion (e.g., 5 days).