Grants & Funding

Peer Reviewers

Peer review of grant applications is critical to the CARRA grants process. Peer reviewers are tasked with evaluating the scientific merit of CARRA grant applications in a fair, independent, expert, and timely fashion that is free of inappropriate influence.  They play a very important role in CARRA’s mission to ‘Conduct collaborative research to prevent, treat and cure pediatric rheumatic diseases.’ Peer assessment will determine the character and quality of the research supported by CARRA funding.

Parents and patients also take part in the CARRA grant review process to ensure applications are relevant to the patient community, feasible to enroll and patient centered in design.

By volunteering to perform peer review, members can provide service to the CARRA community and promote high quality research in pediatric rheumatology. For Early or New investigators, participation in grant review is a valuable opportunity to gain experience in grant development and review, and support their own career activities.

Scientific Review Committee

CARRA’s Scientific Review Committee (SRC) is responsible for reviewing CARRA’s internally funded grants. The term of appointment is 3 years and is renewable. Senior and novice reviewers are encouraged to apply (fellows are not eligible). Parents and patients serve as reviewers in an ad-hoc capacity.

Conflicts of Interest: CARRA members who wish to apply for grants will not be excluded from consideration for the committee. The committee chair will be responsible for selecting reviewers and will determine conflicts of interest for all grant applications, with support available from the Ethics Committee.  Should the committee chair wish to submit a grant application, he/she will need to recuse him/herself from leading the review process for the grant application type (e.g., small, large) for which he/she is applying during the corresponding grant cycle.  In the event of chair recusal, the CARRA Internally Funded Research Oversight Committee (IROC) will appoint an alternate chair to lead the review process.

For the current roster of Scientific Review Committee members, please click here.

If you are interested in becoming a Committee member, please click here.

If you are interested in becoming a caregiver/patient reviewer, please contact Vincent Del Gaizo at [email protected].