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Early Investigator Research Development Program

The Research Development Program (RDP) is available to support CARRA Early Investigators (EI's) who would like additional guidance as they initiate independent research, including project development and grant writing.

The goals of the RDP are to:
A) facilitate the successful development of EI-led, CARRA-related research projects
B) promote career advancement of EI's.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.


What are the goals of the CARRA Early Investigator (EI) Research Development Program (RDP)?

  • The CARRA EI RDP is meant to help EI's identify unmet or previously unrecognized needs during the grantwriting process, with feedback provided to help EI’s strengthen their grant applications before submission.  We want to help EI's write more grants and get more of them funded!

What activities are part of the CARRA EI RDP?

  • The CARRA EI Chair and Vice Chair schedule time with EI RDP participants to discuss the EI’s grant application.  A structured checklist is used to identify the various aspects of a successful grant application, ensuring that missing or unaddressed items are brought to light.  We also address specific questions or concerns that EI's would like to discuss during the grantwriting process, tailoring feedback to the specific needs.
  • As part of the EI RDP, we administer surveys at the time of the initial interview, then 1 month and 12 months after the grant submission deadline.  These surveys will help us assess EI needs and the outcomes of their grant submissions.

Who is eligible for the EI RDP?

  • Third year fellows and junior faculty (up to 7 years after graduating fellowship) are eligible for the EI RDP.  Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis (e.g. 1st or 2nd year fellows; faculty > 7 years post-fellowship who have not yet obtained K grant or equivalent funding).
  • The RDP is NOT intended to be used for fellowship research projects that are meant to satisfy the ABP requirement for research

When can I apply for the EI RDP? Is it a competitive application?

  • The EI RDP application process is not competitive – we only ask that you complete this screening survey so that we can ensure this program is right for you! Examples may include help with study design, analysis plan, identifying necessary mentorship, and budget development. Applicants may refer to the CARRA Research Roadmap for guidance.
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis year-round
  • The more advance notice the better – applications received 4 months prior to the grant internal review deadline at your institution would be optimal but we can meet you on a shorter timeline for RFAs that have a more rapid turnaround from announcement to submission.

We are happy to answer any other questions you might have. Please reach out to:

Early Investigator Chair
Kaveh Ardalan


Early Investigator Vice Chair
Sabrina Gmuca