Grants & Funding

Juvenile Arthritis Conference (JAC) Research Grant

Applications due: April 15

This opportunity is available to CARRA members who wish to conduct research activities at the Arthritis Foundation’s 2020 National Juvenile Arthritis Conference (JAC). The 2020 JAC will be held from July 23-26 in Orlando, Florida.

The JAC is a four-day educational conference aimed at helping parents and caregivers learn about the latest medical research and treatments, understand how to deal with challenges at school and home, and discover how to become an advocate for their child and for all kids with rheumatic diseases.

Interested in submitting an application? Here’s what you need to know

  • There is no pre-specified number of grants available, nor is there a pre-specified dollar amount available.
  • To ensure that your research activity has received IRB approval or determination of IRB exemption in time for the conference, all applicants must submit their research activity/study to their individual IRB prior to the application deadline
  • Applicants will be required to submit documentation of submission as part of their application materials. See below for additional information.

Research activities that can be conducted at the JAC include:

  • Focus groups/research planning activities*
  • Electronic or Paper Surveys (via conference mobile app, in person session*, or distribution from CARRA table in exhibit area)
  • Other direct data and or specimen collection from conference attendees*

*Onsite Space Availability

There is limited space available at the conference hotel for onsite research activities. If your research activity requires dedicated meeting space, please be very specific about your session needs when completing the “JAC Research Activity Request Form.” Subject to facility availability, most reasonable requests can be accommodated.  In the event that your desired space is unavailable, the meeting staff will explore suitable alternatives with the research team. Contact Arthritis Foundation staff at ([email protected]) with questions about onsite meeting space.

Funds may be requested to support the following:  

  • Investigator/coordinator travel (airfare, hotel)
  • Direct data/sample1 collection costs
  • Survey programming/printing
  • Participant stipend/gift cards
  • Recruitment materials
  • Food/beverage for participants (if required for a longer session)

1if you want to collect samples, you must contact [email protected] to discuss prior to submission.

Funds may not be used for2:

  • Investigator or coordinator salary
  • Biosample or data analysis
  • Publication costs

2Applicants may apply for other CARRA-Arthritis Foundation grants to support these costs.



  • The project PI for all grants must be a current CARRA member who is up to date on membership dues and membership information (location, contact information, and membership status) is up-to-date. All membership categories are eligible to apply.
  • Awardees from previous grant cycles who wish to submit grant applications for this RFA must be current on submission of any applicable progress reports.

Application Requirements

The application for this award includes:

  • Completed “JAC Research Activity Request Form”
  • Copies of your IRB submission application/materials (including recruitment materials) along with documentation of submission.
  • Budget request (use budget and justification template provided)
  • Submit above materials by April 15th via online form at


  • Awardees are expected to provide a brief write up about their JAC research activity experience for inclusion in CARRA and Arthritis Foundation newsletters.
  • Awardees must submit a final progress report no later than 45 days after the project period end date.  Timely provision of progress reports is required for future eligibility for CARRA-Arthritis Foundation grants. Template progress report to be provided.
  • Awardees are expected to submit abstracts to CARRA and present their findings at the CARRA Annual Scientific Meeting(s) until the project is complete/final results are presented.


  • All awardees of CARRA-Arthritis Foundation funding must abide by the procedures outlined in the CARRA Publications Policy when presenting/publishing findings from their projects. This includes submitting all abstracts and manuscripts to the CARRA Publications Committee for approval prior to submission and acknowledging the support of CARRA and the Arthritis Foundation by including the following language: “The authors wish to acknowledge CARRA, and the ongoing Arthritis Foundation financial support of CARRA.” Refer to the current Publications and Presentation Guidelines for complete details.

Award Notifications

  • Applicants will be notified of funding decisions no later than Friday, May 8.