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CARRA-Arthritis Foundation Implementation Science Funding Program

The overall goal of the CARRA-Arthritis Foundation Implementation Science Funding Program is to support research projects that test strategies designed to improve the implementation of evidence-based practice for the care of patients with pediatric rheumatic conditions in clinical settings.


There remains a gap between what is known to optimize health and what is actually implemented in everyday practice. Finding ways to enhance awareness and knowledge of research results that could help people and organizations make decisions and put them into practice is essential to improving health care and health outcomes.


The overall goal of the Implementation Science Funding Program is to create a pipeline of projects that focus on implementation of research findings that are promising to improve patient outcomes - that is, to study ways to adapt interventions for local contexts and integrate the intervention into workflow or other processes that support its use in a sustainable way.


Implementation Science Design Grant - NEW!

The initial planning activities of an implementation science project include assembling a multi-site team, assessing implementation potential of the intervention and selecting an implementation framework and strategy. The CARRA-Arthritis Foundation Implementation Design Grant will provide up to $25,000 per award to support investigator teams at multiple (2-3) sites to conduct Implementation Science Design research projects.  

Implementation Science Testing Grant—COMING SOON!

In the near future we will be offering an Implementation Science Testing Grant to support small scale testing of implementation strategies at more than 3 sites for researchers who have already completed preliminary design work and are seeking funds to begin testing.


This roadmap provides an outline for thinking about the many steps, from identification of scientific breakthroughs for implementation, through planning, testing, scaling and sustaining new interventions in practice.

The CARRA-Arthritis Foundation Implementation Science Funding Program is a collaboration between CARRA, the Arthritis Foundation, PR-COIN and the James M Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence.  

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