Strategic Plan and Executive Summary


2023-2025 Strategic Plan
Executive Summary

The new three-year Strategic Plan articulates four focus areas, six goals and key
strategies that the Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance
(CARRA) will accomplish over the course of this 2023 – 2025 plan. CARRA made
great strides implementing its plans in the past and this new Strategic Plan will
help the organization focus its efforts over the next three years towards achieving
its goals in researching pediatric rheumatic disease.

The Areas of Focus are:

1. Achieving Research Excellence
2. Leveraging Community Engagement
3. Ensuring Organizational Excellence
4. Embracing and Advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

The Strategic Planning Task Force developed the Strategic Plan to build on
progress in important areas such as research and the Registry. Also, the Strategic
Plan aims to increase the effectiveness and reach of programs through more
informed and engaged members, patients/caregivers, staff and partners to
strengthen CARRA’s capacity to realize its mission.

Developed by listening to voices within the organization and community, several
main principles support he goals of the Strategic Plan. These principles constitute
imperative issues on which CARRA will concentrate over the next three years and
which appear in many of the strategies in the Plan. These principles include the
importance of embracing and advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and
accessibility; partnerships and collaborations; and expanding the use of data to
better measure impact.

CARRA will relentlessly work to accomplish the outcomes outlined in this Strategic
Plan and do everything possible to generate new knowledge and improve the
lives of children and their families affected by pediatric rheumatic disease