Arthritis Foundation Partnership

The Arthritis Foundation has been a steadfast supporter of CARRA since its inception and is a major partner in support of our research to improve outcomes for children with rheumatic diseases.

See below for more information on programs and resources offered for patients and their families.  Visit arthritis.org/juvenile-arthritis for more details.


This research assessment tool uniquely captures the experiences and challenges of what everyday life is like living with juvenile arthritis and related childhood rheumatic conditions. Input from parents of children ages 5-17 demonstrates the impact of JA and helps the Arthritis Foundation plan research and develop new resources and customized local programming. By participating in this research, parents can contribute to knowledge that may help their child better navigate life with arthritis and contribute to a brighter future for all JA kids. Participate in Research Now  

The Arthritis Foundation worked with The Dartmouth Institute Community and Family Medicine, Center for Program Design & Evaluation to develop our JA Insights program. The development process included stakeholder interviews, literature review, Modified Delphi & Nominal Group Technique and Focus Groups. Included interviews with JA parents, Pediatric Rheumatologists and focus groups with parents and teens. The JA Insights assessment is comprised of PROMIS-Pedi 25 Parent Proxy (Physical Health & Social/Emotional Health domains) and the Patient Self Advocacy Scale (PSAS) (Experience of Care). Please encourage your patients to sign up and participate.

National Juvenile Arthritis Conference

JA Conference 2021 – Is Going Virtual – July 22-25, 2021 

The annual National JA Conference is the Arthritis Foundation’s signature, nationwide event for families affected by juvenile arthritis and other childhood rheumatic diseases. Since 1984, the JA Conference has brought together kids, teens, young adults, parents, siblings, health care professionals and other experts for a life-changing educational experience that focuses on health, wellness and fun for those affected by childhood rheumatic diseases.

This summer, we are excited to build on last year’s success and AMPLIFY the JA MOVEMENT with expanded programming and even more networking elements.  Visit www.arthritis.org/jaconference for more details.

JA Camps

The Arthritis Foundation’s JA camps help kids and teens with arthritis and other childhood rheumatic diseases develop independence and build self-confidence. For many campers, it’s the first time they’ve met others who live with the same diagnosis. Kids and teens from ages 7 – 17 will participate in camp activities and connect with others. This summer, camps will be held virtually. For dates and registration, visit arthritis.org/jacamps.

Champions Arthritis Scholarship

The Arthritis Foundation is proud to offer a college scholarship opportunity, the Champions Arthritis Scholarship is awarded annually to deserving students with arthritis or a related rheumatic disease who impact the arthritis community, serving as positive role models and leaders; and live their best life, empowering others to do the same. Application process is January – March 31. Visit https://www.arthritis.org/scholarship  for more information.

Live Yes! Connect Groups

The Arthritis Foundation’s Live Yes! Connect Groups provide supportive social connections and are inclusive to parents/guardians of children living with juvenile arthritis and other childhood rheumatic disease. These groups bring parents together for fun, social and informative educational events and activities focused on support and positive coping strategies. Visit connectgroups.arthritis.org to learn more.


JA Power Packs

The Arthritis Foundation’s JA Power Pack is a toolkit with useful information and tools to assist newly-diagnosed children and teens, as well as their parents. These resources were designed to give  families the power to make living with JA easier. JA Power Packs can be ordered in one of the following ways:


Champions of Yes

 The Arthritis Foundation is here to turn obstacles for kids with arthritis or a pediatric rheumatic disease and their families into opportunities to say Yes. We champion life-changing solutions and medical advancements and ways for families to connect, break down barriers in healthcare and join the fight for a cure. The Arthritis Foundation and CARRA have been working together for almost 20 years, combining our areas of expertise to address questions and find solutions that are important to the community we support. Our collaboration has led to amazing progress. Together, we’ve gained so much more knowledge.