CARRA Newsletter
April 11, 2016
Election Results

We are pleased to present the results of the CARRA 2016 Elections! Thank you to everyone who participated in this process, and especially to Norm Ilowite for his leadership.

Charter changes: Approved
Vice Chair:  Robert Fuhlbrigge (Term: July 1, 2016-June 30, 2018)
Finance Chair:  Emily von Scheven (Term: July 1, 2016-June 30, 2018)
Elections Committee:  Mara Becker, Deborah Levy, Kabita Nanda, Melissa Tesher  (Term: July 1, 2016-June 30, 2019)
Finance Committee Member:  Peter Chira (Term: July 1, 2016-June 30, 2019)
JIA Chair:  Pam Weiss (Term: July 1, 2016-June 30, 2019)
JIA Vice Chair:  Sarah Ringold (Term: July 1, 2016-June 30, 2019)
Pain Chair:  Mark Connelly (Term: July 1, 2016-June 30, 2019)

2016 Annual Meeting Update

Attend the poster session on Friday during the annual meeting!  Posters will be on display all day Friday, and Saturday until 4:00 PM.  Abstracts will be published in Pediatric Rheumatology Online Journal.  We will update you when publication occurs.

Download the 2016 Annual Meeting App today! The app will be used to send conference attendees important information before, during, and after the meeting. Please download the app using the instructions below, and elect to receive push-notifications to receive our updates and other important meeting messages.

The Quick and Easy Way
Find the email that was sent from "CARRA's CrowdCompass Mobile App." CrowdCompass is the maker of our meeting app. Open the email on your phone and hit "Verify Account" and you will be on your way! If you have not received the email, please check your spam folder.

Take a Few More Steps
Can't find the email from "CARRA's CrowdCompass Mobile App"? Go to the appropriate app store on your phone and download the free application:
  1. On your phone, go to the App Store (on iOS devices) or the Play Store (on Android) and search for CrowdCompass Directory.
  2. Download/Install the app.
  3. Open the app and search for CARRA to find "CARRA Annual Scientific Meeting 2016."
  4. Tap on the three lines in the top left-hand corner and click Login for more features.
  5. Enter your First and Last Name.
  6. Enter your Confirmation Code. (If you forget or don't know your confirmation code, select "Forgot Code." Access your email on your device and click "Verify Account."
  7. Tap "Open App" and select "Finish" to be fully logged into the app.

    Note: You will be sent a confirmation email including all of your login credentials; these can be used to log in on a different device.
Avoid Roaming Charges While at the Meeting
Non-Canadian residents:  Before you leave home, contact your cell phone service providers regarding international calling plans. Verizon Wireless has an option to pay $2/day to use your regular plan while in Canada.

Registry Update

1030 patients are enrolled in the CARRA Registry, and 50 sites are eligible to enroll subjects. Seattle Children's Hospital led enrollment last week with 7 subjects.

22 patients are enrolled in STOP-JIA. Thank you to Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy-Emanuel in Portland, Oregon for enrollment of your first STOP-JIA patient! Congratulations to STOP-JIA top enrollers, Hackensack University Medical Center and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia!

What Caught our Eye:  A Question of Mind over Immunity

As pediatric rheumatologists, we are familiar with issues of anticipatory nausea in patients taking methotrexate and potent placebo effects that influence interpretation of clinical trials in our field. 

The power of the mind to influence physiologic symptoms is impressive. But what if we could harness this power for good? What if you could teach your patients to respond as if they were exposed to a medicine even if they were not?

Have you have ever gotten sick after eating a specific food, and for weeks or months afterwards, you found you couldn't face eating it again? This is called learned or conditioned taste aversion, which seems to make teleological sense (i.e., avoiding foods that have poisoned you in the past protects you from getting ill again), and can be both potent and long-lasting. In the 1970s, Robert Ader, a psychologist at the University of Rochester, was studying taste aversion in rats and stumbled across a most unusual result. Ader conditioned animals by providing a saccharin solution, a sweet taste rats love, with small doses of cyclophosphamide, which made them feel sick. After several cycles of training, the rats would refuse to drink the saccharin water, just as he expected. As a control, he force-fed conditioned rats a small amount of saccharine water to see if it caused a change in behavior. Instead, they died, succumbing to infection as if they had received a dose of cyclophosphamide. He followed this up by showing conditioned animals exposed to saccharine at the time of vaccination also produced markedly lower specific antibody responses, similar to mice who were treated with cyclophosphamide during the immunization period ( Ader and Cohen, Psychosom Med. 1975).


The NIH Collaboratory will be sponsoring an Ethical & Regulatory Issues of Pragmatic Clinical Trials Workshop on Tuesday, May 10, 2016, from 8 am to 4:30 pm in Lister Hill Auditorium on the NIH campus.  Participants may attend in person or view the session online. Information about the workshop, agenda, and registration can be found here:
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