CARRA Newsletter
January 8, 2016
Save the Date for CARRA's Annual Scientific Meeting

April 14-17, 2016
Westin Harbor Castle
Toronto, Canada
Passports required! 

Coming soon:
Meeting pre-registration and membership renewal.
Carol Wallace, MD, 
Elizabeth Mellins, MD
Steve Russell
Christy Sandborg, MD
Laura Schanberg, MD
Laura Schanberg, MD,
Past Chair
Robert Fuhlbrigge, MD, 
Finance Chair
Kelly Mieszkalski, MA, 
Executive Director
Stacy Ardoin , MD
William Bernal, MD
Tim Beukelman, MD, MSCE
Peter Blier, MD, PhD 
Mark Connelly, PhD
Kristin Hayward, MD
Aimee Hersh, MD
Adam Huber, MD 
James Jarvis, MD
Susan Kim, MD
Sivia Lapidus, MD 
Suzanne Li, MD, PhD 
Jay Mehta, MD 
Peter Nigrovic, MD
Jenna Tress, BA, CCRP
Pamela Weiss, MD, MSCE
Jennifer Woo, MPH

President's Update:    CARRA had an impressive presence at the 2015 ACR meeting in San Francisco with 23 poster and podium presentations !   There was a great turnout by a variety of stakeholders for the CARRA breakfast .

Registry Update:   Momentum is increasing, and  to support and encourage your efforts, CARRA recently announced the award of $5,000 in additional funds to all sites who are fully activated no later than February 1st, 2016.  This will be retroactive to all sites.  Enrollment in the Registry now includes ALL patients with poly and systemic JIA, not just new patients or those starting a new medication, but any patient with polyarticular or systemic JIA.   Learn more.

Registry Reminder: Sites are responsible for translation services for ICFs.  Sites will be reimbursed upon receipt of an invoice and certificate of translation.  Please submit both the invoice and certificate of translation to DCRI.

STOP-JIA Started:  Start Time Optimization for Biologics in Polyarticular JIA (NCT02593006) is funded by PCORI.  STOP-JIA is a comparative effectiveness study of the three CARRA poly JIA CTPs that differ on the timing of the initiation of biologics in new onset poly JIA. Learn more.

Arthritis Foundation
A special online order form for CARRA members to order JA Power Pack® is here  These materials are helpful for children with any newly diagnosed rheumatic disease!  Two JA Conferences will be held in 2016. Scholarships are available.   Learn more.

Work Group Updates: 
2015 was productive.  Find out what all the work groups accomplished!  Learn more.

Fellows' Update: 
Matt Basiaga and Paul Jensen are new co-chairs of the fellows' leadership committee. Pre-conference meeting for 2nd and 3rd-year fellows will be held prior to the annual CARRA meeting.  Learn more.

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