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CARRA 2017 Elections

The CARRA elections for Publications Committee Chair and Steering Committee Vice Chairs is currently underway.

Steering Committee:

Publications Committee:

1All positions have 3 year terms (7/1/17-6/30/20)
2Position receives 10% salary support
3Position receives 5% salary support

Members must be current on any applicable membership dues in order to run for the above positions.

The elections for the Steering Committee Chair open positions were held prior to the elections for the Publications Committee Chair and Steering Committee Vice Chair open positions.

Timeline for the 2nd Round* of Elections

Positions on the voting ballot: RAAC Vice Chair, SVARD Vice Chair, TRTC Vice Chair, Publications Committee Chair


  • Nominations Due: Friday, March 31
  • Nominee Applications Due: Wednesday, April 12
  • Voting Opens Monday, April 17
  • Voting Closes Friday, April 28
  • Elected candidates announced to the membership May 2

*in the event a run-off is needed in the first election, the timing of the 2nd round of elections may be delayed.

Election Process/Voting Eligibility

  • CARRA voting members (pediatric rheumatologists and sponsored voting members) are eligible to vote in CARRA elections.
  • Candidate materials will be available for review on the CARRA website ( during the voting period.
  • Electronic ballots will be distributed to all voting members.
  • Voting in your area(s) of interest is an expectation of CARRA voting members. If the position up for election is not in your area of expertise, you may abstain from voting for that position.

Research Associate (Coordinator) Advisory Committee Chair and Vice Chair Elections

  • Research Associate (coordinator) members are not “voting members” of CARRA, however they are permitted and expected to vote in the elections for the RAAC chair and vice chair.

Download/View a PDF version of the 2017 CARRA Elections Timeline.

Contact Kelly Mieszkalski ([email protected] or (414) 918-9822) with questions.